BoutiquePress specializes in the concept-to-creation phases of fashion lines.

Specifically, we help sustainable fashion brands conceptualize, create, and market their brands with the least amount of impact and with the greatest return on their investment.

We also help brands create public relations and live streaming as a sales vehicle for emerging and established brands and their sales through ongoing, digital trunk shows. We call our proprietary trunk show program Trunkshow Live™.

TrunkShow Live™ merges social media management with your traditional trunk show. The twist is while the primary goal of your social media campaign is to get sales, you are creating customer/client loyalty through humanizing your brand.

What TrunkShow Live™ offers is a way to sell your wares in the most authentic way possible. Think of it as your brand's home shopping channel, without the pomp and circumstance. You can create the same effect and build the same brand loyalty doing it on your terms. You're utilizing Instagram (and other platforms), along with your website to share your brand's story and create sales.

BoutiquePress was founded by I. Lynn Bethel, a fashion and beauty entrepreneur and digital media expert.