The Necessity of Expansion

I've decided to start over.

2016 has been such a topsy turvy year. I've made some major decisions and I'm still in the middle of some of those decisions. I'll explain more very soon.

I've had some bottoming out with the termination of me working with individual clients. I made the right decision, but sheesh the transition has not been easy, to say the least.

For starters, I decided to launch a collection of handbags at the start of this year. Um yeah...did not work out the way I planned. But, I take that as God, the Universe, or your word for Spirit creating a better plan for me. Maybe I'm not supposed to be a fashion designer, solely. I know there's a bigger plan underway. I see it more clearly now.

Fashion isn't's just going to be a part of my life in a different way than I thought at the top of this year.

Over the past 3+ months, this other vision for my business has been unfolding before my eyes and it's huge! And, it all has to do with this brand, I. Lynn Bethel or ILB, for short.

I will be unveiling more about my plans and goals over the next few weeks.

But, here is my informal mission statement: ILB is an edutainment network where the focus is style and life mixed with business-building. Our sole purpose is to grow and nurture women's self-esteem worldwide.

Stay tuned...