Grow Where You're Planted

Do you ever feel that your life will begin some time in the future? Whether you want to move to another city, are waiting for your children to grow up, want to get married/remarried, or maybe you're holding out on life until you have more cash, the phrase "bloom where you are" can help you make it through times when you feel like your life is truly going to begin later.

For me, it has been about wanting to move to another city. I've lived in the Atlanta area since I was 9 years old, with the exception of two years of college in Washington, D.C. I remember watching a dance show on the beaches of southern California when I was 13 and thinking, "Wow, I would love to live there". Ever since then, my spirit has felt restless and has wanted to travel the world. I even entertained thoughts of being in the Peace Corp.

But family life was the path that I seemed to choose first. As a matter of fact, I had my first child eight months after graduating from college, which I finished in Atlanta. But that desire to see the world and live in "more exciting" places never left me. I've always known there is so much more out there to see and experience.

I've seriously considered moving to California, New York (where I was born), Florida, and even a few places overseas. I always felt that once I moved, my life would really begin and I would be able to live this fantastically inspiring existence.

Then, I realized that my value doesn't start then. I have something to offer now...right where I am. Yes, one day I will "haul butt" to my dream locale, but Atlanta ain't that bad either. I can accomplish all of my immediate goals right where I am. And with the internet, almost any business goal is now feasible.

In this lifetime, there is seldom a perfect time to start or try anything new. The limitations we place on ourselves when we say, "I'll do it when..." can be disheartening and morally deflating. Having adverse, complicated, stressful, or even situations in which you simply desire a change doesn't prevent you from having a wonderful, fulfilling existence now. Make the most of the opportunity you have to flourish where you are, whether, it's a physical, psychological, emotional, or financial situation that has you feeling a little unhappy.

However, you should never stay in a situation that is harmful to you. That's not what this expression speaks to. It does mean that you should expand your way of thinking by looking for contentment where you are today because so many of your blessings could be right in your face--waiting for you to acknowledge them.

Work to change what must be changed in your circumstances, but also find a way to! You may not like where you are for whatever reason, but know that you are the key ingredient to making shifts in your own mindset.