Keep Moving Forward: How Not to Get Stuck in Failure

Remember watching children's movies when we were growing up? We watched Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White and sometimes fantasized about how we would be swept away by the man of our dreams.

The messages that we saw were all too often not educational or, in any way, realistic. Fantasy was what it was all about. But, that remained unrecognizable to us...until we grew up - the Prince that we watched in movies never came.

So, I was pleasantly surprised while watching a movie with my children years ago. Something amazing happened. I realized that there was actually a message in it that my children absolutely needed to take hold of. The movie - "Meet the Robinsons", the message - "Keep Moving Forward"!

This message is important for our children to understand and, fortunately, it was stressed throughout the movie. It's presented in an incredible way and I've always commended Disney for making it.

But, there is even more of a need for us women to listen to and live this message. We've talked about moving past the fear of failure and into action. When you feel the fear, push through it anyway. But, what happens when you push through that thing you've feared only to find failure on the other side.

In these cases, the most important thing to internalize is you can't stop there. There's a valuable lesson in failure. Each time we fail, especially when trying the same thing over and over, we learn a new lesson.

So, here's a concrete plan if you find yourself facing failure: when you fail, lay down for a day or two (you can take that figuratively or literally). This down time gives you the opportunity to throw yourself a pity party, but also allows you to clear your head. Oftentimes, the best ideas and resolutions come when you put a project down.

You can curl up in a fetal position under the cover or agonize over it however you see fit. Then, after a couple days of that...get up and get yourself together. Analyze what went wrong and give yourself the time you need to come up with a better plan. But never give up because you never know how close you are to a major, life-changing success.

All successful people live this rule. On average, a successful person fails an incredible number of times before reaching their goal. But the value in the lesson is they don't give up until they find success (whatever that means for them).

Go ahead- hurry up and fail! Failure moves you that much closer to success. And, as you're picking yourself up from a failure, make this your mantra - "Keep Moving Forward".