Where There is Vision

Before you can set effectively select your goals, you have to really understand where you want to go. 

For the purpose of this message, we're going to talk about goals as they pertain to your life's work or purpose.

Do you have a thing, an idea that keeps nagging at you?  No matter where life takes you, that one thing always comes back to you over and over again.  Or you may say out loud, "I want to do __________ one day".  

You can clearly see it in your mind's eye...the vision is there.  And, as quickly as you say it, you put it right back on your mental shelf, hoping one day you'll have the moxie to really go after it.

Fortunately, having the vision is half of the battle.  

Because where there is vision, there is also opportunity.  If you can visualize what you wish for, you can also go after it.  So don't waste time pursuing things you don't really desire.

For example, a little over a decade ago, I studied for and got my real estate license.  And, needless to say, I spent quite a bit of time going through this process and working with a few clients (which I really didn't enjoy).  

I became a realtor for financial reasons only and my heart definitely wasn't in it.  And, guess what...I chose to fail at it because I really didn't want to sell real estate.

If I had listened to that voice that had been with me for years, I would have never gone that route.  I would be doing what I'm doing right now!

So, rather than backpedaling away from your dreams by pursuing things you don't really want, stop yourself in your tracks and ask yourself a few questions. Envision yourself in five years.  If you could merge your life's purpose (or passion) and your ideal career:

* What would you be doing? 
* What would it look like? 
* Where would you be doing it? 
* Who would you work with? What level of responsibility would you have? 
* What kinds of skills or abilities would you have? 
* What kind of goals would you accomplish? 
* What level of status would you have in your field?

Do you see where you want to be in five years?  Is the path you're on right now going to take you there?  If not, then stop the insanity!  

Make plans and preparations to get on the CORRECT path to your goals. You CAN let your vision guide you in creating your ideal reality!