Really...what is Statement Style™?

Statement Style™ by Lynn Bethel

There’s a simple explanation...


Everyone wants to look their best. It’s a natural thing.

What happens is, as we progress through our lives as women, we prioritize ourselves at the bottom of our list. Everything ranks higher than our own personal needs. We often neglect the most basic of our internal and external needs because we get tired.

Once everyone and everything else is taken care of, we sit down at the end of the day exhausted. And, we prepare for the next day.

Of course, many of us schedule personal time for ourselves. But, we’re often in maintenance mode and not in making a statement mode.

That’s what Statement Style™ is all about: not living our lives in maintenance mode, but choosing to make a statement. And, we do that by embracing our life (warts and all), choosing happiness, and exuding that happiness through the way we carry ourselves.

Statement Style™ also means choosing a signature look for your wardrobe. The goal…be known and remembered for something.